Time and Attendance Software system 

Provides the necessary information required by the organization.

i) Transfer the information on each terminal to the host computer.

ii) Provide the necessary attendance, absentee and exceptional reports on late arrivals and early departures for the total workforce, and by each department and shift.

iii) Provide a means to automatically deem those who are absent without prior approval as "Absent without leave"

iv) Provide a means to negate (iii) if subsequently leave is granted.

v) Means to maintain a comprehensive leave system totally integrated to the attendance aspects.

vi) Means to maintain a roster system for those on rotating shifts.

vii) Means to calculate accurately the " Work time" and "Break time" based on each group grouping arrival and departure times.

viii) Means to calculate over time correctly based on each grouping arrival and departure times.

ix) Reports fully customised to meet the requirements of the organization, on all of the above.

x) Means to integrate the time and attendance aspects to either the current payroll or any other payroll.

xi) Comprehensive house keeping facilities to maintain the databases, and archive and retrieve data records when necessary.


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Facilities provided: 

To account for all employees of an organization per day : Attendance/Absentees, Leave ( authorized/ unauthorized ) Off days, Late, Overtime

To integrate the relevant information form above to a payroll

To provide management information pertaining to the above