Main Features

a) An intelligent time entry terminal (ITET) : to capture the "time in and time out" of each employee as he/she enters or leaves the premises.

i) This is achieved by each employee swiping his special ID Card through the reader of the ITET.

ii) This laminated ID Card is encoded with each employee’s number either on a magnetic stripe (Similar to credit cards) or on bar code.

iii) On swiping, ITET records each employee number with the time and date of the occurrence. This constitutes a record of the employee number, time and date.

iv) Thus these records are created as each employee swipes his / her ID Card on entering or leaving the premises.

v) The intelligence of the ITET is derived from the microcomputer built in to it. These records are stored in the memory of the ITET , and it will retain this information for over 6 months, even after the loss of power to it.

vi) Each ITET has the capacity to store over 4,000 of such records.

b) Network Card : Hardware device to network ITETs and transfer the records stored in them to central host computer. This hardware device is termed networking card resides in the host computer, and it also provides the capability to place ITETs at a distance up to 4000 feet from the computer.