Benefits of Time and Attendance System

If you were to implement a system with the features listed above, the following will be the benefits.

(A) You will be able to account daily for every employee in your cadre. For the system will indicate who has come to work and who has not come.

For those who come to work,

For those who have not come to work,

(B) Leave System integrated to time and attendance. This means that before leave is granted, the manager will have access to the history of each individualís leave particulars. It will also indicate the current leave balances by category.

(C) Roster system integrated to time and attendance, and a means of monitoring those on roster that they adhere to their roster and not change without prior proper authorization.

(D) Fully accountable overtime system, where management will have the means to monitor the overtime utilisation per grouping.

(E) Ability for the payroll to be integrated to the time and attendance system.